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Lauren Pope dating Wretch 32.

‘The Only Way is Essex’ beauty Lauren Pope is dating rapper Wretch 32, and the couple were recently spotted getting close at London’s Funky Buddha nightspot.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ beauty – who recently split with co-star Tom Pearce – and the rapper were spotted getting close at London’s Funky Buddha nightspot on Tuesday (31.07.12) at a birthday party hosted by ‘TOWIE’ hunk Joey Essex – and the couple have had a ”real laugh” together on their first few dates.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”Wretch is a big ladies’ man and gets on really well with Lauren. They have a real laugh together and enjoy each other’s company.

”It’s very early days – they’re some way from being an item – but for the time being they are enjoying the flirting.”

Lauren has been joking with Wretch – whose real name is Jermaine Scott – on twitter, and she took to the social networking site to post a picture of the couple with her fellow ‘TOWIE’ stars James ‘Arg’ Argent and Gemma Collins, who recently hooked up, and said it was a ”funny night” on Tuesday.

As well as enjoying plenty of banter on twitter – where their relationship started to blossom – Wretch has also mentioned the 28-year-old beauty in a track on his new mixtape, ‘Wretchercise’.

Lauren – who previously went out with Kirk Norcross – was recently embroiled in an argument with her ‘TOWIE’ co-star Lauren Goodger after the brunette star started dating Tom following the end of his and Lauren’s relationship.


So in the late 2000s, Lufthansa invited designers to reimagine their business class seats. “Basically since Lufthansa had designed the previous seat the business class market had moved on significantly. It was necessary to introduce a fully flat bed which up to now had not been Lufthansa’s offer,” explains Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd. But they had one big requirement: While other airlines had rotated chairs like Tetris pieces to make reclining possible, Lufthansa wanted all seats to face the direction of travel for optimal flyer comfort.

PearsonLloyd ended up winning the contract with a novel approach, by shaping the seats like a V. It sounds intimate at first, with two passengers facing in toward one another. But ultimately, this places passengers further apart. And when people actually lay down, their heads are partitioned off by their own consoles. Meanwhile, this hypotenuse-like approach buys precious leg room. The beds recline to almost 6.5 feet in length.

“This principle is not unique in aviation seating design,” Pearson admits. “However, the way in which the layout we utilised within the aircraft and the specific functions of the seat are unique to this design and Lufthansa in this case.” Indeed, it was the small details, details carved out over several years of mockups, user testing, then test flights, that didn’t just make their design as spacious as possible, but as comfortable as possible.


A perfect example are the integrated displays. PearsonLloyd had wanted to connect these in a center band to optimize their complexity of articulation. And while this didn’t affect roominess, the band blocked a view into the next row, cutting down on perceived space. So they abandoned the idea. The precise shape of the head/shoulder compartment was honed to accept users of multiple broadness. The lower lumbar adjustments were given massage functions (which sounds like a godsend for anyone who’s gone numb during a long flight). And even the seat textile is wholly custom, bringing in flecks of yellow to warm the otherwise silver sheen. I asked Pearson why many of these pretty obvious improvements hadn’t been made before, why if V-shaped seating is so efficient, it wasn’t simply implemented in the first place? “Simply because design and engineering knowledge evolves,” he responded. “People never arrive immediately at the optimum solution.” Which makes you wonder, with a few more great ideas, how wonderful could Lufthansa’s next new business class be?


Jenna Jameson Endorses Romney for President, Proves Mitt Wins the XXX Vote.

Jenna Jameson Endorses Romney for President, Proves Mitt Wins the XXX Vote.
The fight for the porn vote is in full gear as adult entertainment performer Jenna Jameson announced at a San Francisco, California, strip club that she is endorsing former governor of Massachusetts and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for president against incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012.

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson said while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in the San Francisco’s popular South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood. Jameson’s endorsement, however, seems to contradict her previous political positions when the 38-year-old porn star/entrepreneur appeared on People magazine for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Campaign – and supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2008.

But as it turns out, Jameson’s change of allegiance might have been motivated by Romney’s presidential platform itself. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office,” said the porn star right after pledging her support for Romney to Gold Club’s patrons who attended the exclusive gentleman club’s 8th anniversary.

And though Jameson’s is an endorsement that Mitt Romney probably won’t brag about when addressing the most socially conservative voters of the Republican base, it could prove very popular during the GOP’s upcoming RNC convention in Tampa, Florida, where the local adult entertainment industry – one of the country’s most popular and prolific – is gearing up for the avalanche of conservative delegates and supporters that will be visiting the state in August.

The question is, will the Democrats let Mitt Romney monopolize the porn vote or will they court Sasha Grey as an alternative to the now Republican author of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale?


James Hong’s Pivot From Rating To Dating: The HotOrNot Story.A superficial site about rating hotties went viral and became a paid dating service worth millions. Here’s how Hong transformed HotOrNot.

Two Heinekens into a lazy afternoon in October 2000, James Hong, a 27-year-old dotcom refugee from Mountain View, CA, was listening to his roommate, Jim Young, a Berkeley graduate student in electrical engineering, wax on about a woman he had spotted at a party the previous weekend. Young, also 27, insisted she was a “perfect 10.” Hong didn’t believe him. His roommate had a thing for “goth” while Hong’s own tastes were more Abercrombie & Fitch.
What the world needed, they agreed, was a metric to reliably rate someone’s looks.

So they built Am I Hot or Not?, a site that let users rank from 1 to 10 the relative hotness of someone in a photo. Almost immediately it became a viral sensation. At first, the two generated revenue through advertising, but during the dotcom bust they pivoted, transitioning into a matchmaking site with subscriptions. In April 2001, they instituted a $6 per month fee to join “Meet Me,” figuring it was cheap enough to qualify as an impulse buy. In its first month it generated $25,000 in revenue and by year’s end it brought in $600,000.

Seven and a half years after launch, they sold HotorNot for a reported $20 million, and now the site–at least as it was–no longer exists. But here’s how it looked back in 2001, and an interview with Hong which proves that the right pivot can score you a date.

Dating show

Bret Michaels not looking for love on new dating show.

Bret Michaels’ representative has shot down rumors the star is set to sign up for another series of his “Rock Of Love” dating show following a split from his fiancee.

The Poison singer enjoyed a long romance with Kristi Lynn Gibson, the mother of his two children, but they split in 2005, only to get back together in 2009 when he suffered a series of medical emergencies.

The 49-year-old asked Gibson to be his wife in December, 2010 as part of the finale of his VH1 reality show “Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, but he called off the engagement last month.

Reports suggested Michaels was planning to commit to a fourth series of “Rock of Love,” a reality TV show in which women compete to be his next girlfriend, but a spokesperson for the star has denied the rumors.

Rep Jo Mignano says, “The truth is, anyone who knows Bret’s family and knows him as a father and a friend would truly understand that he is hurting over the separation, and the last thing he his thinking about is doing a dating show.”


Be Open to Learning

One of the best parts about being in a relationship is that each person brings different skills and experiences to the table. While your flavor of the month might have some seriously handy Mr. Fix-it skills, you’ve got a serious love for travel. Take advantage of these differences and be open to learning. Even if you find it uninteresting…this is where the compromise comes in, remember? Besides, what happens when you’ve finally convinced your sweetie to go on a soul seeking travel adventure for once, and a pipe bursts? Avoid forking over $300 to a plumber, because your newfound “handyman” capabilities might surprise you.

Prioritize to Compromise

Sure your “friends night out” may have been scheduled since last Monday, but if your Boo had a bad day, it might be a good idea to reschedule. Maintaining a successful relationship does involve sacrifice, but those small compromises are inevitably for the best. When both parties work toward meeting each other’s needs, you learn what the most important factors are in making your relationship work. And it’s not always the big things. Trust us, running errands on your lunch break can wait. Sometimes just grabbing a quick bite with your hunny might be the first little step you need to take your relationship to the next level.

Listen, learning to compromise will ultimately open you to new experiences and change your outlook on life. If you do it right, it’ll be for the better. So learn to meet in the middle, embrace change, and discover the 50 new shades of you. Feeling extra steamy for Mr. Grey? We’ve got you covered.