Press statement

Silence of The Religious Lambs

Within hours of the announcement and press statement, reference to Dr. Jack Schaap’s books on the Hyles Publications website have been expunged and many YouTube videos have also been shut down. No statements have come from either Schaap or Cindy, his wife of over thirty years.
The silence of Cindy Schaap is not too surprising considering Schaap’s views. In Marriage: The Divine Intimacy , Cindy Schaap posited a subservience to her husband that might make some of today’s modern women cringe:
“Before my husband would come home, I would read books in private about romance; and I would get myself ready to be excited about romance.”
What’s more telling about the situation: some congregants have come forth to say “he’s only human” while not addressing the question of what abuse was done to the teenage girl.
And the real silence of skirting issues may bring to the fore the cult-like atmosphere of First Baptist Church of Hammond.

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