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At U, dating dives into the weeds.

A random pairing, some small talk, then, “Rotate!” But instead of sitting at tables, these daters crouched over rows of red onions. Rather than fiddling with drinks, they yanked up weeds. In place of low lighting, a waning sun.
Meet speed dating’s hippie sister — weed dating.
A few farms across the country are organizing events for singles looking to escape the formula of online dating or the convention of the bar scene for something a bit more … organic. Participants rotate from person to person, from chard to cherry tomatoes. It’s “like speed dating,” a Boise farm advertises on its website, “but much more badass.”
On Tuesday, a dozen 20-somethings gathered at the Cornercopia Student Organic Farm on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus for what might have been the state’s first weed dating meet-up. Compared to others in the news, it was casual, in a college kind of way. No name tags, few formal introductions, no split between men and women. Most participants were friends.
“I was just coming to spend some time on the farm,” said Maria Paschke, 22. “I wasn’t particularly hoping to meet someone.” She laughed and added: “But it would be a perk.”
The trend has captured national attention and amused farm types. There are jokes about ending up in a (vegetable) bed on the first date.
On its Facebook page, the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis promised that their “‘crop mobs’ are not a cover for weed dating. But if you happen to make a new friend at the farm, all the better, right?”
It’s all in good fun, said Tracy Singleton, the cafe’s owner. “There are a heckuva lot worse ways to meet people.”